Why Wyatt Condos Are Ranked High

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When the revitalization of the Regent Park is completed in the next 15 years, it is expected that there will be a total of about 5,115 units on the 69 acre piece of land. These units will house over 12,500 people.  The construction of the Wyatt Condos is part of the strategy to replace the 2,083 social housing units that exists in the Regent Park area.  The condos are modern units fitted with energy efficient equipment. The physical infrastructure around the units has been improved on and is being used as a catalyst for economic and social change in the area.  Regent Park has also undergone a remarkable transition meaning that there are plenty of exciting opportunities to both old and new residents.


distant view of Regent Part at duskRegent Park is located in the thriving downtown of Toronto.  The area houses a number of facilities including the Regent Park Aquatic Centre, Paintbox Bistro, and 6- Acre Community Park. Also, you will get the leading Canadian retailers, Regent Park Aquatic Centre, Paintbox Bistro and a 6 acre Community Park.   Regent Park was honored by The International Journal of Neighborhood Renewal which awarded it the best international Neighborhood Renewal program.  This implies that whoever that will buy a condo in this area will not only enjoy the top amenities that have been constructed in the area as part of the revitalization program but will enjoy the good will that the area is continuing to attract nationally and internationally.


Being a multicultural area, the Regent Park area residents speak 57 different languages.  This implies that the area is open to all investors regardless of their cultural background.

Phase two  of the revitalization program is about to be completed  and is expected to give way to phase three, which will see the construction of the Athletic Grounds  funded by MLSE.  The ground will feature a refurbished hockey rink soccer/cricket pitch, a running truck and a basketball court.


Where you can actually live in Toronto

Buying Wyatt Condos will not only help you enjoy top facilities in the area, but will make you part of the Daniels Corporation’s success story! The units are built by professionals who have a passion of creating vibrancy in the Regent Park area.  When building the condos, Daniel looks beyond the motor and brick and focuses on developing infrastructure intended to create a unique sense of place. The corporation has 30 years of experience and has so far constructed over 26,000 award winning apartments and homes. It is reputable and remains one of the largest builders in Canada.  The corporation has also worked on numerous projects in North America.  Daniel is using his vast experience to change the landscape of the Regent Park area.  The Wyatt Condos are strategically located in the heart of Regent Park. It is found on the western part of the park and gives the residents an easy access to recreational facilities, public transportation and retail outlets.

If you have been thinking about where you can actually live in Canada, register now and get a wide range of condos to choose from.




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