Top Parks for Recreation in Toronto

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Top Parks for Recreation in Toronto

Toronto is gifted with more than 1,500 parks and over 600 km trails.  These parks form part of Toronto’s recreational facilities. They sit on 8,000 hectare meaning that the parks occupy more than 13% of the land in the city. Some of the parks lie along the Lake Ontario shoreline. Other parks feature a number of facilities ranging from the beaches ice rinks, conservatories, sports, playgrounds, beaches and gardens.


Franklin children’s garden

It is one of the facilities that offer Recreation in Toronto. The park is inspired by Franklin, a character in Paulette Bourgeouis series. This garden is divided into a number of sections that give children an opportunity to story tell, play in the garden and explore the wildlife among others.  The park is meant for children and features little sprouts garden, a turtle pond, pine grove a pollination station, a snail trail and a story book place.

Rouge Park

The park is located at the sprawling space located in Toronto’s East End.  It runs from the shore of Lake Ontario all the way to the Steeles Avenue.  The park boasts of thousands of flora and fauna.  This is what makes it one of the best facilities for Recreation in Toronto.


The Evergreen Brick Works

This is one of the frequently visited places in Toronto. It boasts of a number of friendly activities and features several natural trails which will take the visitor through the city’s well reserved parks.


Bluffers Park

This is one of the parks with plenty of places that will give you an opportunity to enjoy your day in the beautiful and scenic trails. The park has a restaurant and a bar and is next to the beach. If you like hiking, it is one of the facilities where you can go to relax and enjoy after a busy day of hiking scenic trails.


High Park

It is one of the greatest parks in Toronto.  The park is close to Toronto’s downtown and is the most favorite park in the spring time. It is popular for downtowners who cannot get a chance to the reveries found on the city’s edges.

The Riverdale Park

It is a sporting park that consists of baseball diamond, a running track, a tennis court, a rink and a pool. In addition, it consists of a tennis court and a soccer field. The Riverdale farm gives visitors a chance to see what Toronto was before it actually became a metropolitan area.  It has plenty of animals, which you can watch as they go about with their day to day activities.

Trinity Bellwood’s

The park is one of the few places preferred by most people especially on sunny weekends. It is a top facility that guarantees maximum Recreation in Toronto.  It is centrally located and quite accessible. It has a number of facilities including H-Bar, Big Crow which offer a number of foods you can choose from.


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