Why You Should Register and Book A Condo in Regent Park Area

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If you are looking for condos around Regent Park area, you need not continue with your search. Wyatt Condos have become a game changer and are part of the revitalization of the Regent Park area.  The 26 –storey tower boasts of suites designed to satisfy all your needs.  If you are looking for 3 bed roomed condos or studio, Wyatt Condos have answers to all your questions.


Northern part of Regent park in TorontoOf course there are plenty of reasons why you should think about buying Wyatt condos.  First, the condos are available in varying designs and sizes. You only need a minimum of $200,000 and you will get a unit that will meet your needs. Second, Regent Park has been revitalized and gives you access to a number of amenities, you will not get anywhere else. It is located in phase 3 meaning that there is no other project in Regent Park area can beat its location. The condos are just a stone throw from the Regent Park Community.   In fact, this story is situated on a six acre Regent Park, which is one of the few awards winning parks in Canada.  At the park, the Aquatic Center and Regent Park Athletic Grounds are under construction. When completed, the center and the ground will certainly give residents more opportunities to unwind.  In addition, the tower is centrally located and close to other amenities such as the Park Community Center, a shopping center, Regent Park mews among others.

One of the reasons why you should buy one of the Wyatt Condos is that the unit is located in an area that allows you to navigate around easily.  If you drive, the DVP is just a few minutes’ drive away from Wyatt.  Dudes Street car are just a few minutes away from the condos. Also, you will have easy access to the gardener expressway.

What You Should Know About Regent Park Area

Regent Park area is modeled for urban living.  It consists of a vibrant community and is located on a six acre park that features community events, green space, a bake oven and splash.

Regent Park boasts of the best community amenities in the capital.  It includes an art and a cultural facility, a community center, athletics ground a soccer field that doubles as a cricket pitch as well as a new basketball court and a refurbished ice rink.


The Regent Park has had its street grid removed but the housings have been constructed facing inward. This makes the block safe, vibrant and full of community connections. Already, plenty of renovation has been done on the Old Regent Park to include commercial spaces. This has brought new retailers and shops closer to the residents. Local talents too have plenty of jobs to choose from.  In fact this has helped to break the poverty cycle and reduce the level of crime in the area.

With more than 17,500 people expected to live in the new Regent Park area, anyone who owns a condo in this area and who is looking for a rental income is guaranteed of a modest income. This and many other reasons explain why you should register and buy Wyatt Condos now.



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