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Daniels Corporation has been in the construction industry for over 50 years. The company consists of visionary developers who have constructed a number of condominiums and homes in various parts of Toronto and its environs.

Daniels SpectrumDaniels has a passion of building all types of structures and is a top contractor credited with creating vibrant communities. As builder, Daniels looks beyond mortar and bricks and incorporates cultural and economic infrastructure n his job.  Daniel’s corporate philosophy is commitment to whatever he does.  He has built more than 26,000 award winning condos, homes and apartments.  Also, he has built mixed –use communities, retail spaces and is reputed as a top Canada’s leading developer.

Daniels has not only built magnificent structures in Canada, but is a towering figure in North America as well. His career in the construction industry has spanned for a period of over 50 years. John Daniels served as a chairman of Cadillac Fairview Development Corporation and left his footmarks wherever he went as he served as the chairman of the corporation.  He has developed a number of landmarks in Canada. Daniels Corporation constructed the Mississauga based Erin mills community.

Daniel Corporation Team

Daniel Corporation is led by Mitchell Cohen who has assembled a team of visionary professionals. The professionals are divided into 2 categories: those that specialize in residential construction and those that specialize in commercial division. The commercial division is charged with the responsibility of constructing commercial units.  In fact, this is what has made Daniels Corporation a stable company, which meets the needs of clients hence the ever growing trust from the public.

The company is dedicated and committed to seeing that each project they start meets specifications and is completed on time. It consists of innovative professional who are capable of weaving culture and art into one community fabric.  Daniels builds for everyone but focuses on sustainability and moving the community from one level to another.

Daniels Corporation is the brain behind the Wyatt condos.  These are top notch condominiums with a wide range of amenities.  Starting from low $200,000, you will get a condominium that meets your family needs.  Daniel Corporation builds all types of homes ranging from a low-rise to high rise.  They build homes with bold architectural designs and always give their units a stunning interior finish. Daniels is reputed for superior and quality construction and is committed to continuous innovation, forward thinking and setting standards for the industry. The corporation creates homes that are fundamentally sound and fit for your family needs.

The team values and encourages efficient and streamlined communication between members of staff. This is important since it will ensure that your home is built by professionals who pay close attention to the details. In fact, this is what has made the corporation receive numerous prestigious awards , has made it to stand out from the crowd and showcase its achievements and practices. The awards it has received over the years demonstrate the company’s dedication to making her clients happy. Some of the awards received include:  Ontario High –Rise Builder of the year and Homeowners choice awards among others.


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